Front-End Development

Coding The Web

All my websites are custom, hand coded and optimized. No code generators, no themes for custom projects, hand written code to meet the needs and performance. Sematic html5 markup, css3 styling and less templating, awesome uikit framework and advanced CMS/CMF integration & customization.


Semantic html5 markup, well structured and great for search engine optimization. CSS3 styling and less templating with cross browser support and fully responsive layout.


Code optimization. No unnecessary code and scripts, no bloat, clean minimized and compressed code for website performance. Image auto resizing and cropping, compression and optimization. Minimized files, gzip compression, php gd library...

UIkit Framework

A lightweight and modular front-end frameworkfor developing fast and powerful web interfaces. With the mobile-first approach UIkit provides a consistent experience from phones and tablets to desktops.

Joomla Integration & Customization

Custom joomla design & development, advanced extension integration & customization. Template & extension development.

Processwire CMF

Processwire content management framework, for developing custom websites, fast, well optimized, very flexible. 100% custom solution with awesome content management features, easy to use, secure, and rock solid platform completely adopted for project needs


Converting static psd design to fully functional websites, fully responsive and optimized, with semantic html5 markup, less templating, css3 styling and optional cms integration.
Web Designer/Web developer
I'm freelance web designer / front-end developer I build creative and unique websites, hand-coded, fully responsive and adopted to my client needs.
Belgrade, Serbia
+381 62 11 47 463
DOB: 09/23/1982