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UIkit Modules v2!

10 Module Bundle

UIkit Modules is set of joomla 3 modules based on uikit framework.
Best off uikit components turned into easy to use joomla modules


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UIkit Modules


Create a fluid and fully responsive grid layouts in no time. There are 3 types og grid you can create: simple, dynamic and portfolio grid

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Gtid Stack

Create a two column media and text layout. You can set different alignments, alternate the order, remove and add horizontal dividers between grid items.

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A Switcher consists of a number of navigation toggles and their related content items. Switchers are useful for realizing little tabbed navigations and similar.

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The Accordion widget displays content inside a list of items that can be expanded and collapsed by clicking each of their headers.

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Gallery displays images from choosen folder in a grid and provides different layout, animation and overlay options. A lightbox can be enabled to show a larger version of your media.

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Create responsive image or video Slideshows with fancy transition effects and display content in an overlay.

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Create a series of items that you can scroll through using the mouse, touch gestures or a regular navigation. You can apply overlays and several styles to Slider items.

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Present groups of images in sets that you can loop through. You can apply different navigations and transitions, filter items by tag and display content items in an overlay.

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Pricing Table

Create and present your pricing plans in a creative and dynamic way. Using slideset features you can create unlimited number of tables.

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With this module you can position each item through coordinates on top of a main image and display content inside a dropdown. The main image is chosen in the module settings.

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